Project Aleksandr Otrakovsky Gunnery Training in Barents Sea

February 27, 2019 (Google Translation) – Today, the large landing ship of the Kola Flotilla of the heterogeneous forces of the Northern Fleet “Alexander Otrakovsky” went to the Barents Sea to perform a set of combat training tasks.

The crew of the ship worked defeat the surface of the enemy, the suppression of the firing point of the enemy on the shore. Shooting at the coastal and surface targets conducted a combat calculation of the 57-mm artillery installation of the missile-artillery warhead of the ship.

During the training exit, the sailors will work out a number of general shipboard survival exercises on the ship’s course on various introductory, including with conditional intake of seawater into the compartment and conditional onset of a fire, they will train on the ship’s underwater sabotage defense while parked on an unprotected road also an air defense exercise.

Tomorrow, the Alexander Otrakovsky BDK will perform mine settings in Motovsky Bay of the Barents Sea, as well as conduct firing on a floating mine.