Saudi Exercise Joint Island Shield 10

February 22, 2019 (Google Translation) – The arrival of the military forces from the Gulf Cooperation Council countries along with the Saudi forces, participants in the joint island shield exercise 10, which will start on Saturday in the eastern region.

The Commander of the Eastern Region Commander of the joint force in the exercise of the Shield of the island joint 10 Major General Abdullah bin Saeed Al-Qahtani that everyone is ready to start the exercise with brothers from the Gulf Cooperation Council, and will be training on a number of military assumptions that raise the level of combat readiness of the troops and benefit Of the application of the concept of joint action.

The commander of the forces of the joint island shield, Major General Abdulaziz Ahmad Balawi, said that the exercise of the armor of the island 10 comes within the series of joint military exercises between the Gulf Cooperation Council at various levels. The aim of the exercise is to strengthen relations and exchange of military expertise and highlight the uniformity of the military field and the further unification of concepts and strategic military plans.

It is worth mentioning that the joint island shield exercise is a great advanced exercise, and part of the overall strategic vision of the Ministry of Defense in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, because it has a great role in benefiting from the accumulation of expertise on a continuous basis and enhancing the military and security readiness in various circumstances to maintain security and stability in Gulf region and the world.

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