Navantia Opens Washington DC Sales Office

February 21, 2019 (Google Translation) – Navantia expands its international presence with the opening of a new commercial delegation in Washington, USA, which has taken place today, with the assistance of the President of Navantia, Susana de Sarriá, accompanied by the Ambassador of Spain, Santiago Cabanas and representatives of the Ministry of Defense Spain , Spanish Navy and American and Spanish industry in the country.

According to Susana de Sarriá, “the opening of this new delegation responds to the objective of strengthening good relations with the Navy and American industry, with which it has been working for more than 60 years, and seeking new business and cooperation opportunities in the country, In addition to the active participation, already underway, in the program of construction of 20 new frigates”.

The US is a strategic market for Navantia and, therefore, to lead this office has chosen Francisco Barón, with a long international experience, both in this country, and in Norway and Australia.

FFGX frigate program

In February 2018, Navantia was selected by the United States Government, together with its local partner, the American shipyard General Dynamics Bath Iron Work, for the Conceptual Design phase of the FFGX frigate program, whose objective is the acquisition of 20 construction frigates. local in the USA, being the reference design the Australian frigate AWD class Hobart, derived from class F100.

Navantia and GD Bath Iron Works are adapting this design to the requirements of the US Navy, for whose development the company has moved a team of engineers to the BIW shipyard. The conceptual design contract has a duration of 16 months, at the end of which the bid for the selection of the 20 frigates builder, scheduled for 2020, will be presented.

In relation to this program, Susana de Sarriá has highlighted “its relevance and the pride that GD Bath Iron Works, the most important shipbuilding shipyard in the world, and the US Navy , the leading marina in the world, have selected the design of our F100 as one of the alternatives for this program “

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