Admiral Gorshkov led a detachment of ships in the Barents Sea

February 7, 2019 (Google Translation) – The lead frigate of Project 22350 “Admiral of the Fleet of the Soviet Union Gorshkov” worked in the Barents Sea for maneuvering and training in communications as part of a squad of warships under the overall guidance of Deputy Commander of the Northern Fleet, Vice Admiral Viktor Sokolov.

The frigate performed the role of the flagship of the detachment from which the joint maneuvers were controlled. Together with the frigate, the multifunctional logistics support vessel Elbrus and the sea tug Nikolay Chiker participated in the exercise. At the last stage of joint sailing, the crew of the frigate will work out the tasks of ensuring the air defense of the detachment of ships and the anti-landing and sabotage defense during anchorage in the unprotected roadstead.

Earlier, the crew of the frigate “Admiral Gorshkov” took part in a training exercise to assist a conditionally distressing surface ship, with the provision of towing by wake, together with the rescue tug SB-523, and also conducted a doctrine on the replenishment of reserves from the tanker at sea.

In the Barents Sea, the frigate “Admiral of the Fleet of the Soviet Union Gorshkov” performs combat training tasks from January 26. During this time, the crew successfully conducted a series of exercises on anti-submarine and air defense, worked out interaction with the crews of Ka-27 ship-based helicopters, and carried out artillery firing at sea and coastal targets, conducted a drill to force a minefield, and also to guide the ship on the fairway. .

This year, the frigate “Admiral of the Fleet of the Soviet Union Potted” will make its first long voyage to various areas of the world’s oceans.

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