Beautemps-Beaupré Deploys to Indian Ocean

February 7, 2019 (Google Translation) – After testing its scientific equipment and completing its operational training, the Beautemps-Beaupré Hydrographic and Oceanographic Building (BHO) sailed on January 16th for deployment in the Indian Ocean. The expectations, for the defense and the scientific world, are very important. Focus on the stakes of this mission.

Before this departure, Beautemps-Beaupré crisscrossed the Iroise Sea and the Bay of Biscay to allow crew B to recover its reflexes and Shom staff (Marine Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service) to test and calibrate the all scientific equipment before departure on mission. The operational conditioning training came to complete this preparation.

The Indian Ocean area is of major strategic interest for the deployment of armed forces. The purpose of the deployment is to carry out measurements that enrich the Shom databases needed to produce essential environmental products for submarines or surface vessels (sea charts, sound propagation models, etc.). Depth, temperature, speed, salinity, currents, each parameter will be scrutinized and analyzed by all hydrographers and engineers using the best existing systems in hydrography and oceanography. This deployment contributes to the knowledge of the air-sea space by the hydrographic vessels of the French Navy.

The particularity of this deployment lies in the realization of scientific research campaigns that will be carried out for CNRS researchers in the context of the Beautemps-Beaupré job-sharing agreement and the oceanographic vessel Pourquoi Pas ? between the Navy, the Ifreme r and Shom.

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