FS L’Aigle & Sagittaire Depart for Indian Ocean and Arabian Gulf

February 2, 2019 (Google Translation) – On the morning of February 3, 2019, the freighter Trina sailed from the Brest Naval Base with the two Tripartite Mine Hunters (CMT) L’Aigle and Sagittaire on board.

A few days earlier, on January 24, the two mine hunters had sailed on the cargo ship Trina for a four-month deployment in the Arabian Gulf (GAP) and Indian Ocean.

Loading the Tripartite Minesweeper (CMT) the Eagle on the MV TRINA, the building is in couple of the freighter, under water two bers were positioned with the greatest precision, the divers guided the manouvre, so that the half of the keel, about forty meters long, is perfectly supported and the hull does not work. The Eagle was placed on the freighter with the bers. Brest, January 24, 2019. the MV Trina cargo ship is scheduled to sail aboard the Tripartite Aigle and Sagittarius fighters from the French Navy to head to the Persian Gulf on Monday, January 28, 2019.

This is the fourth time that the Navy has chosen this innovative mode of transport for mine hunters. Thus, the two mine hunters of about 600 tons were hoisted one after the other on two bers and then placed on the deck of cargo Trina , a chartered ship. Although this operation is not new, it is still very technical and is always a great collective feat for the charterer, the crew of the ship and the sailors of the two CMTs. The divers guided the maneuver so that half of the keel, 40 meters long, was perfectly supported.

This mode of transport makes it possible to deploy the CMTs far from the metropolitan bases, while optimizing the material and human potential on the transit to concentrate it on the operational heart of the mission, namely the mine hunting.

The Eagle and Sagittarius will join the Indian Ocean after a transit of about three weeks. They will then be joined by their crews, a detachment of the group of Channel clearance divers (GPD Manche), as well as a staff of conduct of the air-sea rapid reaction force (ALFAN / FRMARFOR).

The main objective of this deployment, called GGDM 19 is the maintenance of knowledge of the underwater environment in the Arabian Gulf. The work aims to enrich the database of mine warfare in the region, to ensure the freedom of navigation in a crisis with a threat “mines”.

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