FS Charles de Gaulle Sails for Exercise Fanal 19

February 6, 2019 (Google Translation) – Full gas … catapulting!
On 03 February, the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle and his airborne group sailed to participate in exercise FANAL 19.

Large-scale allied training, it aims to achieve a high level of operational readiness and interoperability within an allied naval force. The aircraft carrier did not sail alone: ​​the SPS frigates “Cristobal Colon” (Spain), USS “Donald Cook” (USA) and the multi-mission frigate (FREMM) “Provence”, the command and control building. (BCR) “Marne” and a French nuclear attack submarine will act together, at sea, under the command of Rear-Admiral Olivier Lebas.

The scenario foresees to evolve this carrier battle group (GAN), called Task Force 473 (TF 473), in an environment subjected to multiple threats in order to carry out aeromaritime operations in many fields of fight (projection of air-land power and fight against submarines, ships and aircraft).

This exercise marks the end of the revival of the GAN after the return to the sea of ​​the “Charles de Gaulle” and allows the crews to be ready to carry out together their missions of mastering an air-sea domain.

Units making up the TF473:

  • Aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle and airborne group
  • 22 Rafale Marine
  • 1 E2C Hawkeye
  • 1 Marine Caiman
  • 1 Dauphin Pedro
  • 1 Alouette III
  • FREMM Provence, and his embedded Caiman Marine helicopter
  • BCR Marne
  • 1 SNA
  • USS Donald Cook (American)
  • SPS Cristobal Colon (Spanish)

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