Hydrographic vessel of the Pacific Fleet delivered fuel and food to remote Pacific Fleet garrisons

January 31, 2019 (Google Translation) – For several days the ship GS-269 of the hydrographic service of the Troops and forces in the North-East of Russia was engaged in cargo delivery, replenishment of fuel, water and food supplies, as well as delivery of additional equipment necessary for the life of the Pacific Fleet’s garrisons.

The hydrographic vessel made a planned rotation of the fleet personnel, which ensure the functioning of the facilities of the airfield of the Kurile Island of Matua.

Aerial starboard side view of a Russian Pacific Fleet Fenik class hydrographic survey ship underway.

The duty shift of the airfield maintains constant control over the airspace, is ready to receive, refuel and maintain light military transport aircraft and helicopters.

In July 2018, the fleet hydrographic service vessel already provided for the delivery of cargo, supplies, and participants in a joint expedition of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and the Russian Geographical Society to study the historical, cultural and natural heritage of Matua on the Kuril chain.