Colombian Navy Welcomes Polish Tall Ship

January 30, 2019 (Google Translation) – The National Navy, through the Naval Academy of Cadets “Almirante Padilla”, welcomed the Ship of the Maritime University of Gdynia “Dar Młodzieży”, from Poland, which will be in Cartagena this 30 and 31 January.

The event was held at the Edurbe pier, located in the Manga neighborhood, with the participation of the Polish Ambassador to Colombia, the Deputy Director of the Naval School and representatives of the Ministry of Maritime Economy of Poland; the band of musicians of the Naval School sang the anthem of Poland and typical Colombian airs at the arrival of the foreign ship.

It is the first time that the Polish school ship comes to Cartagena and does so in the framework of the centennial celebration of the recovery of Polish independence.

As hostess, the Naval Academy of Cadets “Almirante Padilla” received in its facilities the Commander of the ship and 90 young crew members. Rear Admiral Francisco Cubides Granados welcomed the Polish delegation and shared with visitors a little of the essence of the Colombian marine being.

During the day, integration activities were carried out with the Colombian Cadets, where they learned about the simulation capabilities of the Center for Research, Development and Innovation of Maritime Activities (CIDIAM), used for the training of the crews of the National Navy, the future Officers and the people of the sea.

In the same way, they carried out marine activities such as haulage, heavy line, among other sports, where they had the opportunity to work as a team and have fun in healthy competition.

This activity contributes to the international visibility of the Naval Academy of Cadets “Almirante Padilla”, giving the students the opportunity to learn about another culture and strengthen ties of friendship with students from another country.