Two Project 1241s Conduct Missile and Gun Firing Training in Barents Sea

January 29, 2019 (Google Translation) – Small anti-submarine ships of the Northern Fleet “Brest” and “Jung” carried out a complex of artillery and anti-aircraft missile firing in the Barents Sea in accordance with the combat training plan.

The combat calculations of the missile-artillery combat units of the ships worked on firing from the AK-176 artillery, AK-630 rapid-fire guns and the Osa-M anti-aircraft missile system. Sailors successfully hit surface, coastal and aerial targets.

Special attention was paid to conducting an air defense exercise with the implementation of practical firing of anti-aircraft missiles at a simulated airborne target. The crews of the ships “Brest” and “Jung” alternately executed the production of Saman-type target rockets and successfully worked out their defeat.

The entry into the sea of ​​small anti-submarine ships took several days. In addition to performing combat exercises, naval personnel completed anti-submarine maneuvering, communications exercises, and conducted a series of general shipboard survival exercises on the move. After completing the development of planned combat training tasks at sea, the ships returned to the permanent station Polar.

Small anti-submarine ships “Brest” and “Jung” are armed with anti-aircraft artillery systems AK-176M and AK-630M, jet-powered installations RBU-6000 and 533-mm torpedo tubes, as well as modern hydro-acoustic systems. Designed to search and destroy submarines in the near sea and coastal areas.

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