National Navy rescues 5 Venezuelans in Caribbean waters

January 29, 2019 (Google Translation) – In the last hours, Units of the National Navy rescued five Venezuelans, who were left adrift and came to the waters of La Guajira, after the motorboat, named “Assul”, in which they were transported, ran out of fuel, after having sailed from Puerto de Falcon, bound for Puerto de Punto Fijo, both in Venezuela.

The Coastguard Station of Cartagena, received a call from the captain of the boat, reporting that he and four other Venezuelans were drifting for seven days, due to lack of fuel, and indicated a position where they possibly were. When plotting this position, it was evident that the closest point on land was Punta Gallinas, in La Guajira, 72 nautical miles from them.

Immediately, the National Navy began a search and rescue operation, sending a maritime patrol plane to look for them, which, after several overflights, managed to locate the boat, 100 nautical miles from Riohacha.

At that time, personnel of the Caribbean Naval Force made contact with merchant ships that were in the maritime area and in application of the International Agreement for the Safety of Human Life at Sea – SOLAS, support was requested to the montonave CGM “Niagara”, which was 16 nautical miles from the castaways and requested support to transfer them to a safe harbor in the city of Cartagena, where they received medical attention and were made available to Migración Colombia, to carry out the necessary administrative procedures and the coordination for the return to your country.

The National Navy reaffirms its commitment to safeguard human life at sea, while also remembering its availability 24 hours a day on line 146 to report any emergency situation.

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