Colombian Navy Seizes More Than Half a Ton of Marijuana

January 22, 2019 (Google Translation) – In less than 20 days, the Pacific Naval Force has seized more than 2.2 tons of marijuana, which cost more than 19 billion pesos.

The strong offensive of the National Navy against the organizations dedicated to the trafficking of illicit substances advances, that is why in the last hours, units of the Pacific Naval Force, managed to seize 758 kilograms of marijuana distributed in 16 packages, which were hidden in a jungle area of ​​the path of San Joaquín, near the Naya River, located in the department of Valle del Cauca.

Thanks to the monitoring and timely intelligence of the National Navy, troops from the Marine Infantry Brigade No.2 deployed a coordinated operation with the Anti-Narcotics Police, which resulted in the location of 1,015 rectangular packages of marijuana that, according to the investigations , belonged to the Organized Armed Group Residual Structure “Jaime Martínez”.

The material was transferred to the city of Buenaventura and placed at the disposal of the judicial authorities, who made the substance found inside the packages seized, the Preliminary Initial Test – PIPH, giving positive results for marijuana. During the operation there were no catches.

The marijuana that would have a value superior to six billion pesos in the illegal international market, came from the Alto Naya, in the department of Cauca; a scenario used by networks dedicated to drug trafficking to carry out illicit activities. Apparently, these hallucinogenic substances would be transported by sea, to reach Central American countries.

So far this year, the Pacific Naval Force has seized 2,243 kilograms of cocaine hydrochloride from organized armed groups that commit crimes in this region.

With these strong results, the National Navy ratifies its commitment in the fight against drug trafficking organizations and illegal armed groups that commit crimes in the Colombian Pacific Coast, weakening their illicit economies and criminal capacity.