Subchaser Archives Notes Vol, 15 No. 1, January 2019

By Christmas, 2018, chasers that had been sent to ports along the coast of the Adriatic Sea were starting to be sent back to Corfu, with orders to start the homeward bound journey. SC 93, under the command of Lt. (j.g.) George Dole, landed at Malta on Christmas Eve, then by the end of January, was headed for France.

While for the chaser officers and crews this was a time for touring, the government’s main objective was to remove the depth charges and deck guns from the chasers and to attempt to sell the boats overseas. The U.S.N. would have no further need for hundreds of small boats. Selling them overseas would save the trouble and expense of bringing them home.

What was rumored, but not yet known for certain, was that there were plans for additional military use of chasers overseas. Many would perform minesweeping duties in the North Sea, and one unit led by Lt. Dole, would travel to northern Russia. It would be most of another year before they would see New York harbor.

–Todd Woofenden, editor

Added this month:

Chaser camouflage paint testing. A fascinating set of documents on proposed camouflage schemes. Thanks to Arhey Wetherhorn for submitting the scanned pages to The Subchaser Archives.

Added to the Hull Numbers Collection

Photo of SC 181, and
Photo of SC 356, courtesy of Barbara Betzig White, granddaughter of SC 181 CO Harry E. Betzig.

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Hunters of the Steel Sharks: The Submarine Chasers of WWI
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