U.S. Navy Memorial to Dedicate Lone Sailor Statue in Guam

December 14, 2018 – he Lone Sailor statue in the Territory of Guam will be dedicated at the Ricardo J. Bordallo Governor’s Complex in a ceremony on Saturday, Dec.15.

Guam, a strategically vital part of U.S. efforts to ensure a free and open Indo-Pacific, has long been home and a port-of-call to many Sailors and Marines.

The effort to put a Lone Sailor statue in Guam is the initiative of the Vietnamese-American community to demonstrate the special relationship between the United States Navy, Guam and the thousands of Vietnamese refugees who were evacuated from Saigon in the closing days of the Vietnam War during Operation Enduring Freedom.

More than 111,000 of the 130,000 evacuated Vietnamese refugees were transported to Guam. The greater majority of these refugees resettled in the United States and became citizens, today with thriving businesses and families.

This statue will serve as a reminder of the historic and lasting relationship those refugees, including generations of Vietnamese-Americans, have with members of the U.S. Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard, who rescued thousands at sea, and built infrastructure in Guam.

“Looking across the Pacific Ocean from the island of Guam, this Lone Sailor will also serve as a powerful reminder of our Navy’s heritage in this region,” said Rear Adm. Shoshana Chatfield, commander, Joint Region Marianas. “It honors all women and men who’ve donned the cloth of our nation and put their lives on the line to protect freedom, democracy, and our very way of life – right here in the on Guam, throughout the Marianas and western Pacific.”

The Ricardo J. Bordallo Governor’s Complex is an ideal location for the statue as it is open to the public, remains well-kept by groundskeepers, has ample security, and oversees the water – as a Lone Sailor should.

The Lone Sailor signifies the men and women who have served, are serving, or will serve in the Navy. He’s called the Lone Sailor, yet he is hardly ever alone. He represents a Sailor who is about 25 years old, a senior second class petty officer who is fast becoming a seagoing veteran. He has done it all — fired weapons in war, provided humanitarian assistance in far-away lands, been attacked by the enemy and defended our freedom. He has made liberty calls in great cities and tiny villages where he was a tourist, ambassador, adventurer, friend and missionary to those less fortunate. His shipmates remember him with pride and look up to him with respect.
Efforts to raise funds for the construction of the plaza supporting the statue continue. As we strive to produce the most appropriate setting possible for the statue, all continuing support is greatly appreciated.