Russian Northern Fleet Practices Search and Rescue

November 21, 2018 (Google Translation) – Today, the regional center of defense management (RCC) of the Northern Fleet conducted a training session to ensure the unsinkability and fire and explosion safety of warships in the face of deteriorating weather and wind.

As part of the training at the RCC of the Northern Fleet, a center for survival and search and rescue support was deployed. The training also involved duty personnel of search and rescue support, command, staff and non-staff emergency response teams of surface ships and submarines.

During the training, the translation of the duty of the fleet search and rescue forces to increased readiness with the removal of standards was worked out, and the actions of the center for the struggle for survivability and the search and rescue support and command of surface ships and submarines were evaluated during the training introductory exercises.

With the deterioration of weather conditions and the strengthening of the wind in the Kola Peninsula, the duty personnel of the search and rescue support of the Northern Fleet are in readiness in case of need to provide assistance at sea and in the fleet basing sites.

In the waters of the Kola Bay and the Barents Sea in readiness to act as intended are rescue and tugboat “Altai”, diving vessel “VM-596” and fire boat “ПЖК-2055”. In the White Sea, search and rescue support for the fleet forces is carried out by the rescue vessel Georgy Titov with the deep-sea rescue device AC-34 on board.

Training activities to ensure the flooding and explosion and fire safety of warships and support vessels are held in the Northern Fleet on an ongoing basis. In the course of such events, the skills of duty shifts of the regional center of defense management of the Northern Fleet and the personnel of rescue teams in the event of emergency and crisis situations are improved.

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