FS Cassard Rescues 12 From MV Durban Queen

November 20, 2018 (Google Translation) – On Tuesday, November 20, the Cassard anti-aircraft frigate, engaged in the Arab-Persian Gulf, rescued 12 shipwrecked.

In the late morning, the frigate prepares for a refueling at sea when she catches a distress message from a nearby commercial building, the Durban Queen .

The ship is quickly spotted, seven nautical miles, or about 13 km. Under the operational control of the commander of the Indian Ocean maritime zone, the Cassard prepares to intervene and takes off his helicopter, a Panther from the 36F flotilla, just returned from a maritime surveillance mission.

When the helicopter arrives at the vertical of the ship that flew a few minutes earlier the flag of St. Christopher and Nevis, it capsized and the Indian crew stands on the hull returned which is sinking. At 12:32, the Panther, with two pilots on board, a diver and a treuillist, starts the hoist maneuvers. A first rotation is performed. It can transport 4 shipwrecked to the nearest building, a merchant ship. The second and third rotations make it possible to transfer the 8 other castaways, some of whom are injured, aboard the Cassard and ensure their care.

At 13:42, the winching operations come to an end. The castaways are all safe: the wounds were only minor injuries treated by the medical team of the frigate. The eight castaways supported by the Cassard are then entrusted to a civilian building, the Sea Princess .

After this busy day, the Cassard can refuel and continue his journey to Kuwait where he will participate in the bilateral exercise Pearl of the West .

Created on January 15, 2008 following the agreement between France and the United Arab Emirates, the 650 soldiers of the French forces in the United Arab Emirates (FFEAU) have for mission to develop the bilateral and regional military cooperation, but also to welcome the troops from the metropolis and foreign contingents to complete their aging in desert and urban areas. The commander of the FFEAU is also commander of the maritime zone Indian Ocean. In this capacity, he exercises operational control over the French units deployed in his area of ​​responsibility, which extends from the south of the Suez Canal to the western limits of the waters of Myanmar, Indonesia and Australia.