Three Ecuadorian Corvettes Return to Service

November 19, 2018 (Google Translation) – On Thursday, November 15, in the yards of the Ecuadorian Naval Shipyards -ASTINAVE EP- the delivery ceremony of the missile corvettes CM 12 ‘MANABI’ and CM 16 ‘LOJA’ was carried out, subscribing for the reception delivery document between CPNV SP Camilo Delgado in his capacity as manager of ASTINAVE and GRAD. SP Oswaldo Jarrín, Minister of National Defense and as witness of honor, the Lcda. Juanita Vallejo, governor of Guayas. CM 13 Los Rios is believed to be still undergoing work at Asitnave Shipyard.

During the development of the act, the Reverend César León Barahona, Vicar of the Armed Forces. He was in charge of blessing these units. For its part, the governor of Guayas said she was a witness, as well as all Ecuadorians to see how the operational capabilities of the Ecuadorian Navy are reinforced to protect aquatic spaces, safeguard the security of maritime heritage and that it was also a challenge for ASTINAVE to carry out these works to recover the useful life of the corvettes.

The Minister of Defense said he felt honored to participate in the ceremony in ASTINAVE … because thanks to it we will see the corvettes flying the national flag for the seas that they have to navigate and most of all, that the Navy feels supported by its shipyard …; He also expressed that he will ask the Ministry of Foreign Affairs the need to have a permanent representative before the IMO.

Rear Admiral Renán Ruiz Cornejo, General Commander of the Navy, in his speech stressed that four years ago the recovery process of the Corvette Missile Squadron began, since after 30 years of service had reached their obsolescence, so its modernization was necessary. He added that this has been a continuous process of mutual cooperation between ASTINAVE and the Navy. He congratulated and publicly acknowledged the Armada’s Executing Unit, made up of a select group of 10 officers, 25 crew members and 2 public servants, for the work accomplished, thanks to the continuous, systematic and continuous supervision, despite the adversities and restrictions economic activities were able to complete the work in a timely manner.

Next, the Minister of Defense and the manager of ASTINAVE delivered the respective jacks to the CPFG SU Miguel Silva Delgado and CPFG-SU Jimmy Pozo Fierro, commander of the corvettes Manabí and Loja, respectively.

It should be noted that the project to recover the mobility of the missile corvettes is part of the Naval Power Strengthening Plan, which was planned, executed and led by officers and crew of the Ecuadorian Navy within ASTINAVE AP, which constitutes a made of institutional pride because it demonstrates the ability and commitment, which exists in the naval personnel to reach and overcome broadly and categorically the goals set.

In the same way, the work of which we are witness today is not the achievement of a single day, but of years of investment by the Navy in its human talent, since the executors of the project, throughout their military career, were opportunely trained and specialized in various engineering branches as well as in the field of naval operations in the best education centers in the country and abroad.