D’Entrecasteaux on a humanitarian mission to Vanuatu

November 15, 2018 (Google Translation) – Loaded with containers, the Entrecasteaux Multi-Mission Building (B2M) set sail in early October to provide humanitarian aid to various Vanuatu associations. This cargo of humanitarian freight is part of its patrol mission in the ZRP of New Caledonia.

Having left Nouméa on 5 October 2018, his port in New Caledonia, the B crew of D’Entrecasteaux had prepared for a week before the departure the logistical aspects of this mission. The goal was to ship all the material harvested to Luganville, on the large island of Espiritu Santo, north of Vanuatu.

For this, the B2M has incomparable assets that make it a real Swiss army knife for the Armed Forces in New Caledonia (FANC). Two Equivalent Twenty Foot Containers (TEUs) for maritime transport were set up on the D’Entrecasteaux bridge to load humanitarian cargo. The heavy handling was carried out by the 12t crane, in order to better manage the available rear deck space. The loading of tables, chairs, household equipment and school materials had to withstand the state of the sea encountered on patrol to Vanuatu.

After a week of patrol, the D’Entrecasteaux docked safely, in time to deliver his cargo. On site, two associations were present to receive the load.

On the one hand, the Vanuatu Red Cross has recovered many emergency kits provided by the delegation in New Caledonia from the French Red Cross. These kits will enable several hundred families from Vanuatu to find acceptable conditions of hygiene, cooking and shelter. Indeed, a large number of refugees have retreated to the island of Espiritu Santo since the eruption of the volcano on Embae Island, further south.

On the other hand, the association Pikinini (of the bichelamar: children) has recovered the necessary to organize and provide the schools, with tables, chairs, books of course and a lot of school materials.

Thus, more than 15m3 and 5 t of essential equipment have been delivered from New Caledonia by the French Navy, thanks to the versatility of the B2M.

Within their zone of permanent responsibility, the 1,450 armed forces of New Caledonia’s main missions are to ensure the sovereignty of France, to animate regional cooperation and to maintain privileged relations with all riparian countries. The FANC regularly pledge their resources for assistance operations to the population, in support of other State services.

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