ARES will build 14 patrol boats for the coast guard of Oman

November 15, 2018 (Google Translation) – Turkish boat building company ARES Shipyard announced on November 13, 2018 that it signed a contract to build 14 high-speed patrol boats of the Ares 85 Hercules project for the Coast Guard of the Royal Oman Police (Royal Oman Police Coast Guard – ROPCG). The contract was awarded to ARES based on the results of an international tender, in which ten shipyards from different countries participated, the parameters of the contract were not disclosed. Image of the Ares 85 Hercules patrol boat of the Turkish boat company Ares Shipyard.

According to ARES data, the Ares 85 Hercules outboard ships have a one-piece design, a displacement of 70 tons, a length of 25.95 m, a width of 5.85 m and a draft of 1.2 m. The propellers are two water cannons, with a full speed of more than 45 knots.

The contract with Oman became another significant success of ARES in the Middle East market after two prisoners in 2014 and 2018years of contracts for the construction of a total of 26 boats of various types for the coast guard of Qatar – five large 48-meter patrol boats of the project Ares 150 Hercules, ten 34.5-meter patrol boats of the project Ares 110 Hercules, five 24-meter small patrol boats of the project Ares 75 Hercules and six 24-meter assault boats of the project Ares 80 SAT. The delivery of boats to Qatar under these contracts is carried out from the end of 2016.

The Turkish boat building company ARES Shipyard, founded in 2004 in Antalya, is building boats with composite hulls according to the projects developed by the well-known British design company BMT as part of the partnership. The result of this partnership and the active use of modern technology has been the recent supply of ARES Shipyard to the market for a whole range of projects of high-speed military boats and small warships with hulls from 12 to 70 meters long.

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