Baltic Fleet Combat Training

November 10, 2018 (Google Translation) – The crew of the Baltic Fleet patrol ship “Yaroslav the Wise” carried out combat training missions to repel a conditional enemy air attack in the course of carrying out planned combat training activities at the fleet in the Baltic Sea.

In the course of training activities, the interaction of combat crews of radio engineering and rocket and artillery warheads for detection, classification of the target, its tracking with radio equipment and destruction was worked out.

The Kortik anti-aircraft missile system, capable of reliably ensuring the anti-aircraft defense of a ship when attacked by various air assets of a conditional enemy from various heights and directions, was used in combat shooting at air targets.

Shooting was carried out on simulated air targets.

Air targets were successfully hit by the combat crews of the Kortik air defense missile system with the Yaroslav the Wise TFR. During the execution of combat shooting, the crew completed the full range of air defense tasks of a surface ship at sea from detection to destruction of air targets.

The shooting was carried out in the combat training ground of the Baltic Fleet – near the coast of the Kaliningrad region.