Minister of Defense announces that Ecuador rejoins Unitas maneuvers

August 23, 2018 (Google translation) – Ecuador dismisses this Friday, August 24, a fleet of the Naval Force that rejoins, after 11 years of absence, the multinational Unitas maneuvers 2018, involving 13 countries in the Americas and the United Kingdom.

This information was provided by Defense Minister, division general in passive service Oswaldo Jarrín Román, who stressed that this activity will allow exchange of experiences, command capacity, interoperability and interoperability of the media, capacity to assist in the occurrence of disasters, control and presence for the aquatic spaces of the nations.

He added that through these exercises, the members of the Armed Forces will be made aware of the advances in technology and the ability to coordinate actions among countries, for the fulfillment of certain missions.

The activity, which lasts a week, will take place in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, between August 31 and September 11.

The fleet of the Ecuadorian Navy is made up of surface units, Naval Aviation and Marine Infantry.

The farewell event will take place at Pier 5B of the Commandery of the Squadron, located at the Naval Base South of Guayaquil.

The Unitas multinational exercise is organized by the United States Naval Force and will have the participation of 18 war units, coastguards, submarines and air units from Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, United States, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Dominican Republic and United Kingdom.

The maneuvers are intended to strengthen the confidence and integration of the naval forces of the continent, in order to execute combined operations in the face of a possible hemispheric defense.