Welcome aboard ITS Carlo Margottini Colonel Iwakami

Countering piracy requires strong partnerships; this is especially true of Combined Maritime Forces and EU NAVFOR.

On 7th July 2018, Colonel Iwakami from the Japanese Maritime Self-Defence Force (JMSDF) supporting Combined Task Force 151’s Maritime Patrol and Reconnaissance Aircraft (MPRA) detachment based in Djibouti was welcomed aboard ITS Carlo Margottini.

The crew of the Italian flagship continues the cooperation between partner nations ensuring military assets are used to best effect to deter and disrupt piracy off the Somali coast, keeping seafarers safe and maintaining maritime security.

European and Japanese counter-piracy forces based in Djibouti have operated alongside each other for several years. Not only do they share a runway in Djibouti; the JMSDF and the EU NAVFOR MPRA detachments have continued to share expertise and knowledge. This has led to the two forces working cohesively, which has given them the  opportunity to establish professional and personal ongoing relationships.

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