FS D’Entrecasteaux Rescues Couple in Vanuatu Waters

Google Translation

Currently engaged in the Castor mission, the B2M D’Entrecasteaux rescued a couple from drowning during the night of June 12 to 13, 2018.

While the ship was wet near the island of Vao to unload the equipment and staff of the Castor mission, the watchman noticed, at 04:30, a person on the B2M’s diving chamber. After having boarded, this person explained that he was sailing with his wife in a pirogue to join Vao and that the bad weather had made them capsize. A search operation was immediately launched, and his wife was quickly located near D’Entrecasteaux. With the help of a hawser, she was safely brought back at 4:50 am.

After being examined by the nurse, the couple rested and rested on board before being returned to shore the next morning.
“Castor” is a civil-military mission at the initiative of the French Embassy in Vanuatu and the New Caledonian government led with the assistance of the New Caledonian armed forces. This mission also involves foreign armies from the Pacific region to assist an isolated population or those who have suffered heavy damage as a result of a natural phenomenon. The humanitarian aid that France provides is a way to strengthen the link with Vanuatu, a former Franco-British condominium in which French is one of the three main languages ​​taught.