Latest Landing Ship from COTECMAR Launched

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Ten months lasted the construction of the new Amphibious Disembarkation Ship Rapid Reaction Unit built in Cartagena by Cotecmar that will be released to the sea on Friday morning, June 15 at the shipyard facilities located in the Mamonal industrial zone in Cartagena.

This is the fifth ship built for the Colombian National Navy and the sixth ship produced in the country in the last 5 years. In September of last year a ship of the same range was delivered to the Naval Force of Honduras, constituting a landmark of great importance for the Colombian naval industry as an exporter of military products through technology transfer.

One thousand one hundred people, including direct (400) and indirect (700) employees, invested a total of 480,000 man-hours, carrying out each of the stages, moments and processes simultaneously to put this vessel in the water for the first time after ten months.

The vessel includes a boat type Apostle 41 “(Safe Boat), has storage of 15 m3 of gasoline and delivery of gasoline, have capacity of the Telescopic crane suitable for a state of sea 2, emergency generator of 90kW to work as well as port generator, desalination plant with a capacity of 4.5m3 / day, a 40-foot refrigerated container, a meteorological station, a computer for monitoring and diagnosing motors and generators, innovations that set it apart from its predecessors.

For Vice Admiral Javier Díaz Reina, president of Cotecmar, the progress in construction of this type of ships increasingly gifted and with better performance is the result of two fundamental conditions, “on the one hand to know first-hand the operational requirements of the National Navy through a permanent dialogue that we have fine-tuned with the institution regarding the operation of the ships built and the other know how to apply that knowledge thanks to the experience of the officers, engineers and all the personnel of Cotecmar to produce optimized products every time ”

Once placed in the waters of the Caribbean, sea trials will be carried out with engineers and COTECMAR and Navy personnel in order to verify the operation of the ship that will be named the Cloister Terraces at the Convention Center pier in the middle of the month of July in the framework of the International Naval Congress and Sail 2018.