Primauguet commemorates Narvik operations

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During her stopover in Narvik, the crew of the anti-submarine frigate (FASM) Primauguet paid tribute to the French soldiers who fought in Norway during the Second World War and especially during the operations of Narvik.

The fighting, which took place between April 10 and June 8, 1940, involved a large allied fleet and an expeditionary force composed of elements from three nations (France, United Kingdom and Poland). This battle is considered the first Allied victory of the Second World War.

The solemn commemoration in the French square of the Narvik military cemetery took place in the presence of the French ambassador to Norway and representatives of the Norwegian army. It was the occasion of a wreath laying on the monument in honor of soldiers who fell during the fighting.

The participation of local associations and Norwegian representatives made it possible to evoke the foundations of the special relationship between the armed forces of the two states.