Joint training off Peru

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On May 23, 2018, the Prairial surveillance frigate left Callao, the port of Lima, Peru. Because of the distance between France and Peru, stopovers of French buildings are rare, while the Andean country is a historic ally and a regional partner of choice in the Pacific. The last operational release was in 2015, during the previous Prairial .

The Peruvian navy was particularly welcoming towards the frigate and her crew. The meetings on land allowed the sailors and the command to discuss the importance of the links shared by the French and Peruvian navies. The visit aboard several French industrialists and naval authorities from Peru was an opportunity to discuss the opportunities for maritime cooperation and the projects to renew the capacities of the Peruvian fleet.

As soon as he was sailing, the Prairial began a series of exercises with a Peruvian corvette, Ferre . The program was held thanks to the training level of the two navies. It included joint artillery fire, a sequence of cross-visit crews, refueling presentations at sea, and a SCOTT exercise. Both buildings completed the sequence at dusk with the recovery of three sailors exchanged for the day. The Prairial will have the opportunity to return to Ferre in a few weeks at the San Diego Group Sail in Hawaii, prior to the 2018 RIMPAC major exercise.

During the Pacific War (1879-1884) between Peru and Bolivia in Chile, Vice Admiral Bergasse Dupetit-Thouars (1832 – 1890), then Commander-in-Chief of the Naval Division of the Pacific, saved the city of Lima of a certain sacking. After the Battle of Miraflores south of Lima in January 1881, Chilean troops were preparing to break into the Peruvian capital. The French fleet returning from Polynesia was off Peru and Dupetit-Thouars decided to threaten the Chilean naval forces to force their troops on the ground to retreat. Decisive arm wrestling that preserved the city of Lima, and earned the French sailor to become a hero in Peru and an emblematic figure of his capital. The avenue that connects Lima to its chic suburb of Miraflores proudly bears its name.

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