Joan of Arc Mission 2018

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Part of Toulon on February 26, the 2018 Jeanne d’Arc mission crossed the Mediterranean zone and the Middle East Africa zone before reaching the Pacific Ocean. Officers School application naval officers (EAOM) perform until July 20 their first operational deployment long term on a group consisting of projection Building and command (BPC) Dixmude and the La Fayette type frigate (FLF) Surcouf .

In addition to France’s commitment to the principle of freedom of navigation and its contribution to the security of maritime areas, which is regularly provided by our naval forces assigned to this area, the Jeanne d’Arc mission also makes it possible to enhance high level of joint and combined interoperability. This is particularly the case with the United Kingdom, since a detachment of Royal Navy helicopters is on board the BPC Diksmuide.

These resources reinforce the BPC’s “assault helicopter carrier” capabilities and allow for a real sharing of know-how in the amphibious domain. This deployment confirms the intensification of Franco-British maritime cooperation and the high level of integration of the armed forces, is part of the rise of the Combined Joint Expeditionary Force (CJEF), protected by the Treaty of Lancaster House. The Thunder PPC is currently operating in the Atlantic with thirteen other warships, as part of the Franco-British joint-services exercise Catamaran 2018, which aims to reach the full operational capacity of the CJEF in 2020.

The Jeanne d’Arc mission is a tool of knowledge and anticipation. It also enhances the quality of relations maintained by France with its regional strategic partners. A large part of the deployment took place in the Indo-Pacific region, a crucial area for France and its strategic interests. The stopovers of the mission allow exchanges at different levels in support of the diplomacy of France, and joint exercises reinforce the operational links. France thus participated in the Varuna bilateral exercise with India, and the Komodo multilateral exercise organized by Indonesia, in which 43 countries participated.