Fish Poachers Nabbed off Guyana

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On June 5, 2018, engaged in the fight against illegal fishing, two Guinean light patrol boats La Resolue and La Confiance and the maritime patrol boat Organabo of the Maritime Gendarmerie have detected the presence of several tapouilles in illegal fishing action off the coast. Guyana.

After a quick analysis of the situation, supported by a Fennec helicopter from Air Base 367, it was decided to carry out a check on one of them. At the arrival of the visiting teams, the suspicious tapouille cut her nets and started fleeing to the nearby Brazilian waters. Despite strong opposition to the control and numerous acts of violence against the visiting team (throwing projectiles, use of blunt objects and knives), it was boarded to carry out the control.

Then the commander of La Résolue again launched his visiting teams on a second tangle. The crew also showed strong opposition to control by committing acts of violence against the visiting team. Despite these obstacles, the tapouille was quickly secured and controlled.

The two vessels were then diverted to the Larivot harbor, escorted by the Guinean light patrol boat La Confiance and the coastal patrol boat Organabo . Meanwhile, La Résolue ensured the protection of the boat nets nets La Caouanne in charge of recovering the nets abandoned on the spot by the two tapouilles, before other fishermen come to take them back. 25 km of nets could thus be recovered containing 6 tons of fish.

The effort to combat illegal fishing is among the priorities of the prefect of Guyana as a government delegate for the action of the state at sea. Since the beginning of the year, the joint actions of the customs, of the sea, the gendarmerie and the armed forces in Guyana have allowed the control of 67 vessels of which 7 were diverted and seizure of 77 km of nets.