CATAMARAN 2018: demonstration of Franco-British amphibious capabilities

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On June 7, 2018, on the beach of Quiberon Fort-Neuf, the Franco-British joint force carried out a demonstration of its Amphibious know-how as part of the operational training Catamaran 18. In a complex environment that requires precise coordination of all its elements, the force has demonstrated the ability to implement an international and joint component. At the heart of this day, the Task Group was able to highlight the complementarity of its operational capabilities, adapted to current strategic challenges and tactical requirements, in a dynamic demonstration on the Brittany coast.

During this day, the guests were able to discover all the vectors and means necessary for the implementation of an amphibious operation . In the presence of Admiral Christophe Prazuck, Chief of the Naval Staff, and his British counterpart, Admiral Sir Philip Jones, accompanied by the President and members of the National Defense and Forces Committee armed with the National Assembly, a beach was stormed by Franco-British troops, supported by naval and air means consequent.

The challenge of this maneuver was to illustrate the high degree of coordination and technicality that requires an amphibious operation between the units of the Navy and the Army but also between French and British. This demonstration is a faithful replica of what could be achieved by the units engaged in the Combined Joint Expeditionary Force (CJEF) if France and Great Britain decided on her employment. Sailors and soldiers from both nations, each in their field or specialty, demonstrated perfect synchronization and coordination.

For over 20 years, the 3 th Royal Marine Commando (3 e RM CDO) and 9 th Marine Infantry Brigade (9 th BIMa) are paired and regularly train together. Moreover, since 2010 and the signing of the Lancaster House treaties , Franco-British cooperation has accelerated considerably. Today, the CJEF , a joint non-permanent joint expeditionary force, available on short notice, is ready to carry out peacekeeping operations in a bilateral framework, from NATO, the EU and the United Nations. or in a coalition.

The visit continued aboard the BPC Tonnerre and RFA Lyme Bay. Onboard, the authorities were able to interact with sailors and soldiers from both nations during static presentations, highlighting the latest generations of equipment.

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