Capture of illegal aliens and their immediate accomplices in Patras

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May 13, 2018 – Arrest of illegal aliens and their direct accomplices in Patras – Arrests of illegal aliens in Igoumenitsa – Detection of dead seals in Volos

In the afternoon hours, the executives of the Central Port Authority of Patras took the arrest of two (02) foreigners and a 19-year-old foreign ally.

Specifically, a check carried out by officers of the Department of Aliens of the Patras Security Division at the southern port passenger terminal at the time of a ship leaving abroad destined for two (02) aliens to attempt to illegally leave country nationals who held and exhibited fake travel documents, with the direct assistance of a 19-year-old foreigner who accompanied them and would travel with them to that ship.

The above documents were seized by the Central Port Authority of Patras, which carries out the preliminary investigation.