Unitas 2018 Multinational Exercise in Cartagena

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The Colombian National Navy will host the UNITAS LIX – 2018 Multinational Exercise that will be held in September, in which it is expected to have the participation of 18 naval units; both warships and submarines, with the purpose of strengthening the confidence and integration of the Naval Forces of the continent, as well as maintaining the training of the crews to cooperate with each other in the face of different hemispheric threats.

In the facilities of the Caribbean Naval Force in Cartagena, the initial planning meeting was led, in which representatives of 13 Armed Forces participated: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, United States, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Peru, the United Kingdom and the Dominican Republic to refine details of the hemispheric meeting that marks a milestone in naval diplomatic relations and projects the Colombian Navy as a reference at the regional level.

The Naval Institution advances in its international projection in order to consolidate its naval and hemispheric defense capacities, without lowering its guard in the defense of the interests and the maritime territory of Colombians.