New Royal Malaysian Navy Training Ships Commissioned

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Royal Malaysian Navy commissioned (KD) GAGAH SAMUDERA and KD TEGUH SAMUDERA, April 26th at Lumut, officiated by the Commander-in-Chief of the Navy; Admiral Tan Sri Ahmad Kamarulzaman bin Hj Ahmad Badaruddin, located at Lumut Base Lumut (TPL). KD GAGAH SAMUDERA and KD TEGUH SAMUDERA is the latest training platform in the navy fleet inventory built to meet the requirements of marine training for RMN citizens. Training boats equipped with combat system, radar, navigation equipment and communication as well as the latest and most up-to-date short-range weapons are not just training platforms but can perform operational tasks at some point when needed. The TLDM training vessel is capable of operating 2,500 nautical miles non-stop at an optimum speed of 12 knots or 14 days at sea.

Through TLDM training ship accreditation, the skill level of officers and members can be improved and adapted to the technology factor in this modern ship. TLDM is expected to acquire more modern vessels in the future to meet the RMN or 15to5 Transformation Transformation which focuses on strengthening the armament of the RMN Navy with the replacement of the RMN vessel in stages. The trust and investment afforded by the people in the possession of the training vessel assets are clearly used as well as possible. The acquisition of the vessel also clearly demonstrates the full commitment and support of the Royal Malaysian Navy to provide the best training system and platform to ensure the safety of the country’s maritime security and interests.


All the people of Navy People who are present at the Base Lumut Base are proud to see the two ships being commissioned. Kdr Mahamad Nazir bin Darus TLDM and Kdr Ahmad Nazim bin Salimin The RMN has been entrusted by the towers of RMN to become the first Administrative Officer for KD GAGAH SAMUDERA and KD TEGUH SAMUDERA.

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