Vendémiaire Conducts South China Sea Patrol

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Deployed for nearly two months in Asia with the aim of asserting the French presence in the Pacific, reinforce the naval cooperation with the riparian and allied marines, and provide France with a capacity of autonomous appreciation of situation in the area, the frigate surveillance Vendémiaire conducted a patrol in the South China Sea.

The surveillance frigate thus begins a new phase of its mission, to affirm the principles of freedom of movement at sea and in the air, in accordance with international law, in a highly contested zone.

On its transit, the Vendémiaire was able to find the USS Michael Murphy , frigate with which she had already conducted interactions off Guam . On the program: data link establishment and secure communications and deployment of a Franco-American joint visit team on the front plate simulating a controlled commercial vessel on the high seas.

A few days later, it is in Brunei that the Vendémiaire makes a short break in order to strengthen ties with his navy. The sailors of the Vendémiaire will retain the dynamism and commitment of the sea patrol sailors Darussalam with whom they conducted an exercise of safety assistance at sea, tactical evolution maneuvers and maneuvers aviation (winching and meeting of ” Touch and Go “).