Fight against submarines, maintain a high level of expertise!

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At a time when many nations are acquiring, developing or reactivating an underwater force, NATO navies continue to cooperate in the fight against submarines (ASM).

Ten nations (Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom and United States) have focused a significant amount of resources off the coast of Sicily where Exercise Dynamic Manta 2018 is taking place . A dozen boats, as many helicopters and maritime patrol aircraft, six submarines and 5,000 sailors compete in one of the largest meetings in the field of anti-submarine warfare. France has deployed its most powerful equipment: the multi-mission frigate Languedoc with a Caiman helicopter and two Atlantic 2. They will, during 15 days, work to fulfill various missions going from the protection of building to the coverage of a zone against a submarine intrusion in times of crisis.

This rendez-vous is essential because it allows the NATO Marines to train together in a very complex area of ​​struggle where coordination and good mutual understanding are decisive. The scenarios make it possible to test control tactics elaborated beforehand by national experts. The strategies of the anti-submarine warfare officers are complex: while playing environmental conditions (sound propagation in the water in particular), it is necessary to anticipate the movements of the submarines, to understand their intentions, to coordinate the action. and the kinematics of the various sensors in order to find the submarines or to prevent them from harming.