Departure of the mission Jeanne d’Arc 2018

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On February 26, 2018, Vice-Admiral Béraud, Major General of the Navy, went to Toulon for the departure of the mission Jeanne d’Arc 2018. This mission will mobilize for 5 months an amphibious group composed of the building of projection and command (BPC) Dixmuide, the La Fayette frigate (FLF) Surcouf, an Alouette III and a British Royal Navy detachment with two Wildcat helicopters.

During the departure ceremony of the group, he was accompanied by Rear-Admiral Vandier, Deputy Commander of the Maritime District of the Mediterranean, Rear-Admiral Velly, Chief of Staff of the Naval Task Force, and Captain Pagès, Director General of the Naval Academy. The out-of-class General Commissioner Laroche de Roussane, Inspector General of the Service of the Commissariat of the Armed Forces, the Chief Medical Officer of the Normal Class Migot, Head of the Health Service for the Naval Action Force, as well as Mr. Videlaine, Prefect of the Var, were also present at the departure ceremony.

The Army will participate at the beginning of the mission with a detachment of helicopters from the Army Light Aviation, formed around 2 Gazelles helicopters, and with the deployment of an onboard tactical group to Djibouti , then another detachment from Djibouti to Toulon. A detachment of the US Marine Corps will board the BPC Dixmude from Toulon to Djibouti.

Under the command of Captain Porcher, commander of the BPC Dixmuide, the mission Jeanne d’Arc 2018 aims to allow future naval officers to confront the reality of the maritime world and complete their training by leaving far , long and crewed. Thus, future officers will acquire a stature of military leaders and naval system experts, through the practice of the profession and the experience of taking responsibility. The Jeanne d’Arc mission also includes elements from foreign navies, other armies and services. Among them, doctors of the health service of the armies, commissioners of the police station of the armies, Saint-Cyriens, students of the general direction of the Armament, as well as pupils administrators of the maritime affairs.

The 2018 Jeanne d’Arc mission is an operational deployment that will be conducted in areas of strategic importance ranging from the Mediterranean to the Pacific, via the Indian Ocean. Thus, the Jeanne d’Arc group will contribute directly to the strategic functions of knowledge, anticipation and intervention. It will indeed maintain the knowledge of the area while having a rapid response tool to cope with possible crises.

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