Franco-Indonesian cooperation for FS Vendémiaire

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Engaged in a three-month operational deployment in Asia, the Vendémiaire surveillance frigate  landed on January 23, 2018 in Jayapura, on the North Coast of the province of Papua, Indonesia. First French military building to stop at Jayapura, the Vendémiaire  was highly anticipated. During his 3 days of presence, he received on board more than 165 visitors.

From January 26, a few hours after his departure from Jayapura, the Vendémiaire  conducted a bilateral exercise with the Indonesian naval patrol Piton . The aim was to conduct a visit operation on a vessel suspected of engaging in illegal fishing activities, a phenomenon that is being fought against in particular by the Indonesian archipelagic state. The particularity of this exercise lay in the composition of the team responsible for conducting the visit operation: two Indonesian sailors fully integrated into the crew of Vendémiaire were able to share their know-how and cross their experiences with French sailors. This exercise marks the strengthening of cooperation between France and the Pacific Rim nations, particularly in the field of maritime safety.

The next day, the Vendémiaire performed several joint dives with divers from the Indonesian navy. This was an opportunity to enhance interoperability between the two navies and share know-how.

Words of divers …

EV1 Axel, diving officer (OCP) aboard the Vendémiaire

“It’s important for divers to seize every opportunity to train. The underwater environment is demanding and does not tolerate amateurism. As a diving instructor, I try to organize as many training slots as possible. The divers of the Vendémiaire are very motivated, it’s nice. 

PM Rudy, helicopter diver in the 22S / Vendémiaire detachment

“It is always very interesting to interact with other armies, other nations. This allowed us to compare our working methods, the material used and the procedures for non-compliant cases. With exchanges like this we realize that training diver board is demanding but guaranteeing safety.

SM Charlyne, diver aboard the  Vendémiaire

“It’s a chance for us to dive in a variety of environments and with other sailors who share this same passion. Beyond the importance of diving for the safety of the building, this type of interaction remains very interesting and allows us to value what we do while progressing through the sharing of experience.