Atlantique 2 (ATL2) Returns From Jordan

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Thursday, January 11, 2018, the maritime patrol aircraft Atlantique 2 (ATL2) and his crew made their first mission intelligence of the year from the deployed air base in Jordan.

After a few weeks of absence, the “sea of ​​heaven” are back on the deployed air base in Jordan since January 9.

“Re-posting and prepare the first mission in two days is a challenge,” reflects Charles Commander, Commander ATL2 detachment. “Each crew member is a key player in preparing a mission in the complex environment of the Iraqi-Syrian area. Each in its field must therefore be autonomous and responsive. ”

The briefing summarizes this preparation. In front of the whole crew, each operator has submitted its elements. Tactical Coordinator explained the concept of operations, and the last doubts have been removed. This realignment was essential to fully optimize this flight of several hours.

“We are very focused on that first mission,” continued Lieutenant Raphael ship, the crew commander of the Day: “Objectives to achieve, procedures, I repeated mentally all actions to be undertaken during our flight.”

On the tarmac, flight engineers took over technicians. Exchange of notes, checking vital systems: the aircraft was checked one last time before takeoff.

Since 2016, the maritime patrol aircraft ATL2 has completed over 2200 hours and over 280 missions since the deployed air base in Jordan.

The projected airbase in Jordan has been operational since December 2014. Since then, it contributes directly to actions in Syria-Iraq zone against terrorists Daech, particularly through nearly 1,500 strike missions that were carried out there, but also numerous missions conducted information.

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