Strengthening security in the Magdalena River

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The National Navy has strengthened security in the Magdalena River in recent weeks, in order to guarantee free navigation and recovery of this important waterway in the Colombian Caribbean.

To this end, the Caribbean Naval Force assigned the Coast Guard ARC “Cabo Tiburón” and a Pilot type vessel, to fight against drug trafficking, smuggling, safeguard human life in the sea and in the river and exercise national sovereignty .

Likewise, the Coastguard Station of Barranquilla has four Rapid Reaction Units, including the one recently donated by the Government of the Department of the Atlantic, which support the development of new projects related to multimodal transport and that go to make trade much more dynamic, as well as the loading and unloading of cargo from and to the interior of the country.

Another important objective of the National Navy on the Magdalena River is to intensify the offensive against the traffic of species and fauna, the irregular exploitation of fine wood, in order to protect the environment.

For Captain Camilo Gutiérrez Olano, Commander of the Caribbean Coast Guard, the strengthening of the Magdalena river safety is done in order to prevent any type of threat or risk that affects the normal operation of the vessels that They will be transporting tourists during the holidays and moving goods to and from the port of Barranquilla.

Rapid Reaction

During the afternoon of yesterday there was the theft of a scrap material that was on board the barge named “Parmalif”; the Rapid Reaction Unit that patrolled the river reacted immediately, finding the stolen material aboard the “Colombia 8” boat, manned by six individuals, who were placed at the disposal of the National Police for judicialization.

The National Navy will continue to carry out control operations on the Magdalena River, while inviting the community to report any emergency or abnormal situation to the toll-free number 146.