NRP Arpão Completes 50 Days Submerged

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With this mission the Arpão submarine, which left Lisbon on October 2, once again made use of the high technology with which it is equipped, being a suitable means to collect information discreetly in an area with the characteristics of that region of the central Mediterranean.

Created in the context of the European Union, EUNAVFOR MED is a naval force made up of ships from the European Union countries, which is carrying out an operation which, in addition to the support of the EU Council, is supported by the United Nations through a Resolution 2240 (2015) of its Security Council. The mission of this force is “to contribute to the dismantling of the business model of networks for the smuggling of migrants and trafficking in persons in the southern part of the central Mediterranean.”

The NRP Arpão is commanded by Captain-Lieutenant Paulo Henriques Frade, has a garrison of 8 officers, 13 sergeants and 13 squares.