Colombian Navy Seized 700 kilos of Cocaine in the Pacific Ocean

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So far this year, the Pacific Naval Force has seized more than 95 tons of cocaine hydrochloride.

Surface units of the National Navy attached to the Pacific Naval Force seized, in the last hours, 700 kilos of cocaine hydrochloride in the sea west of the municipality of Tumaco in Nariño.

The operation carried out by the National Navy in coordination with the National Police, was developed when a Tumaco Coastguard unit was deployed to an area on the high seas where 35 sealed packages had been abandoned, tied together, floating in the sea.

The entire cargo was recovered by the personnel of the National Navy and transported to the Coast Guard Station in Tumaco – Nariño, in order to carry out the corresponding judicial process for this type of case. There, officials of the Antinarcotics Police conducted the Initial Preliminary Test, PIPH, to the substance found inside the packages, which tested positive for cocaine hydrochloride.

The cocaine seized during this military operation, whose net weight was 700 kilos, would have represented profits of over 23 million dollars to drug trafficking structures that commit crimes in this area of ​​the country if their transit had not been interrupted by the National Navy.

Of this seized cargo, which was placed at the disposal of the corresponding judicial authorities in the municipality of Tumaco, Nariño, it is presumed that it had as an intermediate destination Central America, from where it would be subsequently admitted to Mexico and the United States.

The National Navy, through the Pacific Naval Force, will continue to weaken and close spaces for organizations outside the law that commit crimes in the Colombian Pacific, attacking mainly its sources of financing and criminal activity. Likewise, it reiterates its commitment to guarantee the security and tranquility of the Colombian Pacific and invites the communities to continue denouncing any criminal act to the toll-free number 147.