NE Brazil arrived Cartagena November 25th

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He will be at the Edurbe pier.

After touring 15 foreign ports in five months and navigating 21,417 nautical miles, the heroic city becomes the 16th foreign port, which visits the “Brazil” Navy School of the Brazilian Navy, as part of its Midshipmen’s instruction cruise. No.31, to comply with a series of activities and further strengthen the existing friendship ties with the Navy of the Republic of Colombia and its population.

The Navío Escuela, which will remain in the city for five days, was received by Captain José David Espitia Jiménez, Chief of Staff of the Caribbean Naval Force, Captain Mauricio Echandía Zuluaga, Deputy Director of the Naval Academy of Cadets “Almirante Padilla” and the Naval Attaché of Brazil.

The Naval School “Brazil”, commanded by Captain Gustavo Calero Garriga Pires, has a crew of 504 sailors, 186 of them Guardiamarinas belonging to the “Almirante Felinto Perry” promotion made up of seniors from the Naval Academy of Brazil.

Likewise, 32 officers, 214 noncommissioned officers, 63 corporals and civilian agents and 9 friendly Marines officers from the countries of Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, Mexico, Namibia, Paraguay, Senegal, Uruguay and Venezuela travel on board.

Given their condition as a School Ship, the Marine Guard receive training classes such as Navy Officers on board, among them, navigation classes, meteorology, seamanship, naval operations, breakdown control and naval administration.

In the same way, the Marine Guard carry out the adaptation phase of life on board, all with the purpose of complementing from the practical the theoretical knowledge acquired in the Naval School during the school year and strengthening the cultural formation of the future officers of the Navy. the Navy of Brazil.

During his stay in Cartagena, the crew of the Vessel and the Guardiamarinas will carry out a series of activities and ceremonial visits to the civil and military authorities, one of them the floral offering in which honors will be paid to the bust of Admiral Joaquim Marques Lisboa, Marquis de Tamandaré and patron of the Navy of Brazil, which is located in the facilities of the Naval Academy of Cadets “Almirante Padilla”; This ceremony will be attended by high-ranking naval officers from Brazil and Colombia.

In the midst of their activities, the Marine Guard and the crew of the Navio School “Brazil” will be able to travel and get to know the heroic city.

The School Ship “Brazil” will open its doors to the public that wants to know more details of the official ambassador of Brazil in the world:

Saturday 25 November from 2 to 5 in the afternoon.

Sunday 26 November from 2 to 5 in the afternoon.

The journey, which is now five months away, will continue from November 27 to Fortaleza and will end in Rio de Janeiro on December 17.