Sabang Sail 2017

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Jakarta, 20 November 2017 – Chief of Staff of the Admiral Ade Supandi, SE, MAP, accompanied by the Head of Maritime Potential Development Agency (Kadispotmar) Brigadier General (Mar) I Ketut Suarya directly review Task Force (Task Force ) Sabang Sail 2017 (20/11) at the pier, Jakarta International Container Terminal (JICT), Tanjung Priok, North Jakarta.

Task Force VII and Bakti Bela Negara Sail Sabang 2017 led by Lieutenant Colonel (P) Sukrisno, S.T., M.Si., who daily served as Kasubdisbinpuan Maritime Development Agency Potential (Dispotmar). This task force will carry out the activities of Lingkar Nusantara VII followed by participants from Saka Bahari and Bela Negara.

Pelantara activity is a routine activity every year that held every Sail activity, this time held in Sail Sabang with the theme “National Character Building”.

The activities of Pelantara and Bakti Bela Negara in this year were followed by approximately 840 people who planned to sail for approximately one month starting from 20 November to 16 December 2017 consisting of committee Dispotmar 35 people, support team 11 people, National Working Council 11 people, 6 people speakers, 13 people marine, KRI ABK 125 people, Bela Negara 50 people, journalists 2 people, Scout Saka Bahari 331 people, the committee and participants Bela Negara 256 people.

The route of Pelajar VII and Bakti Bela Negara will visit several ports / bases of the Navy namely Batam – Belawan – Sabang – Padang – Bengkulu – Jakarta using the Banda Aceh-593 KRI which is a Landing Platform Dock (LPD) ship in Lieutenant Colonel Command Sea (P) Whisnu Kusardianto, SE, alumni of the Naval Academy (AAL) 43th Generation. KRI Banda Aceh-593 belongs to the Military Coastal Command Unit (Kolinlamil).

On the occasion, Kasal said that the program will encourage and shape the nation’s character from the Indonesian Navy. This activity has been initiated from the beginning on Satgas Bintal Juang Remaja Bahari, Satgas Kartika Jala Krida, Sataskas Surya Bhaskara Jaya, and Pelayaran Lingkar Nusantara.

“Learn well because all nations have the opportunity to sail in shaping the character of a strong maritime soul,” Kasal said.

The activities of Pelantara VII and Bakti Bela Negara Sail Sabang 2017 will carry out various activities including Lecture / Supervision: state defending, motivation and maritime, mental and discipline coaching, introduction of life on warships, scouting activities and kesakabaharian, group dynamics, equatorial bath, culture, achievement, achievement of Krida Bahari Special Tanda (TKK), campfire activity, peak event Sail Sabang 2017, material briefing by local government and Navy leaders, , Achievement of Special Skills / TKK Saka Bahari, cultural arts performances and carnival of archipelago, signing of Pelantara Monument inscription.

In addition, participants Pelantara VII and Bakti Bela Negara is planned to conduct camp in Batam for 3 days from the date of 23 until the date of November 25, 2017 on the beach Ocarina Batam and Sabang for five days from 30 November to 4 December 2017 on Earth Sabang camp.

Also present at the review of Task Force VII and Bakti Bela Negara Sail Sabang 2017 at KRI Banda Aceh-593 that is, Chairman of Jalasenastri Ny. Endah Ade Supandi, Deputy Chief of Staff of the Navy (Wakasal) Vice Admiral TNI A. Taufiq R., chief Mabesal officials, Heads of Kotama, Head of Department of Mabesal, Commander of KRI Banda Aceh-593 Marine Lieutenant (P) Whisnu Kusardianto, SE, as well as commander of Sea Lieutenant Colonel (P) Sukrisno, ST, M.Si.