Making more of the maritime

The Royal Australian Navy and Royal Australian Air Force have been working ever closer together with a combined anti-submarine exercise undertaken as the Indo-Pacific Endeavour Task Group sails through regional waters.

HMA Ships Darwin and Adelaide were recently joined in by the Air Force’s newest capability, the P8-A Poseidon maritime patrol aircraft.

The Poseidon provides up-to-date anti-submarine warfare and maritime patrol features, and the leading-edge aircraft flew ahead of the force and dropped a remotely operated vehicle known as an Expendable Mobile Anti-Submarine Warfare Training Target (or EMATT) into the water.

The target travels under the water and mimics the movement and acoustic characteristics of a submarine allowing naval and air units to practice their submarine tracking skills.

On completion of the exercise the P8-A conducted a fly past to allow the task group’s crews on both ships a chance to see the impressive capability up close.

Lieutenant Nicholas Foster, a Royal New Zealand Navy exchange officer, fills the role of Torpedo and Sonar Officer onboard Darwin.

“It’s good to know that such an impressive aircraft will be watching over our shoulder while we conduct operations in the future,” Lieutenant Foster said.

“The quantum leap in capability offered by the P8-A will ensure greater situational awareness for the surface fleet and the ability to identify, locate and deal with any surface or sub-surface threats we may face in the future.”