Capability milestone for replenishment ship

HMAS Sirius recently completed a major aviation capability milestone with her first helicopter passenger transfer.

Commander Australian Fleet Rear Admiral Stuart Mayer, was the first official passenger with a transfer from HMAS Adelaide to Sirius.

Lieutenant Commander Warren Bowring, the newly appointed Maritime Logistics Officer in Sirius, was acting as one of the Helicopter Directors on the day and welcomed Rear Admiral Mayer onboard.

“I feel honored to conduct this passenger transfer because Rear Admiral Mayer and I served together when he was the Commanding Officer in HMAS Anzac,” Lieutenant Commander Bowring said.

“It is great to welcome him onboard my new ship.”

The MRH-90 Taipan helicopter from Adelaide also conducted a vertical replenishment, where a large cargo load was slung under the helicopter for transfer between the two ships.

These two evolutions were part of Sirius’ aviation sea safety assessment and occurred during her first replenishment at sea with Adelaide.

Commanding Officer Sirius, Commander Michael Oborn, expressed his overall satisfaction with the activities and commended his ship’s company for achieving the vital aviation capability.

“I am immensely proud of the way my crew worked together to gain an aviation accreditation that will provide greater logistical support to the entire fleet,” Commander Oborn said.
“We have collectively undertaken months of planning, paperwork, testing and training exercises to receive the ‘Standard Achieved’ required.

“It was also exhilarating to see Adelaide, HMAS Toowoomba, HMAS Parramatta, HMAS Darwin and HMAS Melbourne all conducting approaches on the same day.

“This clearly demonstrates how we are directly supporting the other five ships involved in this deployment.”

The ships are all currently deployed throughout the Indo-Pacific region.