Chinese navy fleet arrives in Brunei for friendly visit

A Chinese naval fleet arrived at Muara, Brunei September 25th for a three-day friendly visit to the country, conveying a message of friendship and cooperation.

The Chinese naval fleet docked at Brunei’s largest port, receiving a warm welcome by the Bruneian navy, government officials and Chinese Embassy officials, as well as Chinese living in the sultanate.

Speaking upon the fleet’s arrival, Shen Hao, commander of the Chinese naval fleet, said at the welcoming ceremony that the friendly exchanges between the two countries date back to more than 1,500 years ago, and the traditional friendship between the two peoples has been continuing to grow.

“Through our fleet’s visit to Brunei, we hope that both sides could continue to work hand in hand, heart to heart, to further promote bilateral relations between China and Brunei,” he said.
During its stay here, the Chinese navy will hold several joint activities with the Bruneian navy, including mutual visits, exchanges and sport matches.