Success Flexes Mariner Skills

HMAS Success has been doing what she does best by providing much-needed supplies to the Fleet. Since January she has conducted 55 replenishments at sea and delivered approximately 6.5 million liters of fuel.

During EXERCISE TALISMAN SABRE 17, Success flexed her mariner skills by achieving a three-point replenishment, where the ship simultaneously replenished two ships with fuel, while consigned cargo was transferred by the ship’s MRH90, multi-role helicopter.

In one particular day, Success transferred approximately 1.5 million liters of fuel and 20,800 kg of fresh produce to HMA Ship’s Darwin, Ballarat, Anzac, Toowoomba, and USS Sterett.

The processes employed to conduct underway replenishments require technical precision and an extensive skill set across many departments.

Success continued to extend her capability by performing a ‘consolidation replenishment’ with HMNZS Endeavour. This type of replenishment activity is where tankers provide bulk fuel to each other as opposed to their regular role of providing much smaller quantities to individual units.

This is a critical capability for task group operations and an essential part of Success’ contributing to the delivery of sea-worthy and mission ready forces.

One of the highlights of Success’ tasking during the last month, was the privilege of conducting the last replenishment at sea with HMAS Darwin before she decommissions in December. This year Success has conducted 18 replenishments with Darwin where both fuel and stores have been transferred.

Success continues her South West Pacific deployment with a visit to Wellington, New Zealand as the final port before returning to Fleet Base East for maintenance.

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