B.A.P. Pisco, pride of PERU

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Peruvian Navy recently participated in a new historical event for our country, the Baptism and Bouncing of the Multipurpose Ship B.A.P. “Pisco”, a high-speed vessel whose purpose will be to respond adequately to the needs of our country in case of natural disasters, transporting humanitarian aid material and which has been built entirely by our company SIMA PERU.

The ceremony of Baptism and Botadura was attended by the highest authorities of the Navy and the State: the President of the Republic, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski; The Minister of Defense, Jorge Nieto Montesino; And the Commander General of the Navy, Admiral Gonzalo Ríos Polastri. CANTABRIA, among others.

It is important to emphasize the words of the President, who recognized the work done by our company and the navy, for the benefit of the socio-economic development of our country, betting on modernizing the national naval industry and large projects such as B.A.P. “Pisco”.

The first lady, Nancy Lange was the godmother of the boat whose name carries “B.A.P. Pisco “AMP-156. It is worth mentioning that this unit, 122 meters long and 22 meters wide, has a speed of 16.5 knots; With a capacity to carry 557 people on board.

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