Cooperation between the Surcouf and the Egyptian Navy

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April 11, 2017 – During its transit to the Indian Ocean, the frigate Surcouf conducted a series of exercises with Egyptian naval vessels, deployed around the Nasser projection and command building (BPC) .

The Surcouf and the Nasser , accompanied by a frigate and a patroller of the Egyptian navy, carried out tactical evolutions followed by aviation maneuvers.

The 36F Panther helicopter aboard the French frigate made several series of ” Touch and Go ” before landing on board the Nasser . The aviation teams of the Egyptian BPC have shown their know-how by carrying out all the actions for the implementation of the Panther (taxiing and descent via the lifting platform).

At the same time, a delegation of Surcouf sailors went on board to exchange with their counterparts on the theme of asymmetric threats.

This exercise was aimed at consolidating the level of interoperability and strengthening the high level of cooperation between the two navies, already developed during the bilateral training ” Ramses ” which took place in February 2016. It is part of the framework Of the military cooperation between France and Egypt, which is one of our main partners in the region.