The Force Gabian 17.1

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March 17, 2017 – Nearly 1,000 soldiers serving some 20 units of the French Navy and the Air Force took part, at sea and in the air, in the first “Gabian” exercise of the year 2017. Is held in the Mediterranean from 6 to 10 March 2017.

The Cassard and Jean Bart anti-aircraft frigates , the La Fayette Aconit and Surcouf frigates , the Marne command and supply building, and the Lyre and Capricorne mine fighters carried out over 250 military and logistical exercises of all types, Of certain maneuvers by the projection building and command Thunder in operational training in the exercise area.

This quarterly rendezvous was marked by “Mistral” missiles fired by several ships of the force but also numerous shots at the calibres of 12.7, 20 and 100 mm – and anti-submarine torpedo. The “SeaOwl” squadron company participated in the training of the visiting teams of several trainings, in simulated police operations and simulated sea state operations. Sea refueling and towing operations confirmed all the know-how of the seafarers. But Gabian 17.1 also glowed the sky and the waves. Aircraft played the role of attackers: Naval Gun of Flotilla 12F  ; Mirage 2000N, AWACS and air force KC135 refueling aircraft, not to mention an Atlantic 2 from the Lann-Bihoué airbase and other A4 Skyhawk.
Gabian 17.1 confirms not only the capabilities of the French Navy to take part in regional or international crises but also the joint capacity of France to intervene in large-scale conflicts.

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