Admiral Kuznetsov NATO Escorts

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February 1, 2017 – Two warships and auxiliary ship escorted NATO aircraft carrier group “Admiral Kuznetsov”, returning from a long voyage across the water of the Norwegian Sea. Central Navy Portal says that it represents and the armed forced to escort the Russian sailors.

According to the automatic identification system (AIS) for ships observe Russian Norwegian patrol ship type Nordkapp Andenes (the W 322), the Norwegian frigate type Nansen Fridtjof Roald Amundsen (the F 311) and the German tanker Rhon the Spessart (A 1442).

The patrol ship Andenes

The patrol ship Andenes shipspotting, Bjornar Henningsen

Andenes belongs to the Coast Guard of Norway, which is part of the Navy. This ship has the ability to operate in ice conditions and to make long trips. So, in 1991 Andenes involved in patrolling the Persian Gulf as part of the coalition forces. The ship has a total displacement of 3240 tons, a maximum draft of 6.4 meters, maximum speed – 23 knots. Launched March 21, 1981, was commissioned Jan. 30, 1982. Armed with a 57-mm and four 20-mm gun mounts, Norwegian cruise missiles Naval Strike, 324-mm torpedoes Sting Ray with acoustic guidance and depth charges. On board the ship is based Lynx helicopter that can perform anti-submarine task.

Frigate Roald Amundsen (archive photo)

Frigate Roald Amundsen (archive photo)

Wikipedia, Justin M. Smelley

Amundsen Roald – Norwegian frigate, developed on the basis of Spanish ships of Alvaro de Bazan. The main objective of these frigates – antisubmarine defense and the fight against surface ships. Built ship carried out jointly by the Spanish and Norwegian shipyards. Ships of this type have replaced the outdated type frigates Oslo, which was removed from service in the early 2000s. In August 2009, Roald Amundsen took part in Operation “Atalanta” anti-piracy in Somalia. In December 2013, the ship was sent to the Syrian port of Latakia to support the Norwegian and Danish dry cargo ships that transported the Syrian chemical weapons for destruction. Total displacement of the ship – 5290 tons, maximum draft – 7.6 meters, maximum speed – 26 knots. Launched May 25, 2005, was commissioned 21 May 2007. Roald Amundsen is armed with 76-mm gun mounts, four 12.7 mm machine guns, anti-ship missiles Naval Strike, guided missile vertical launch standard Mk 41 anti-aircraft missiles RIM-162 ESSM and 324-mm torpedoes. On board the frigate helicopter based NHI NH90.

The tanker Spessart (archive photo)

The tanker Spessart (archive photo)

Black Sea A. Andreev

The Spessart – German Navy tanker. It was launched in 1974, and in 1977 it entered in the German navy. In 2009 Spessart participated in “Atalanta” operation and was attacked by pirates. Total displacement vessel – 14100 tonnes, maximum draft – 8 meters, the maximum speed of 16 knots. Capable of carrying 11,000 cubic meters of various types of fuel and lubricants, as well as 400 cubic meters of fresh water. Own weapons has not.

As reported, last week the carrier strike group of the Northern Fleet on the way to the base passed the English Channel and the North Sea. From this point on it continuously escorted ships and NATO aircraft.

Troop ships of the Northern Fleet, consisting of the heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser ” Admiral Kuznetsov ” and the heavy nuclear missile cruiser ” Peter the Great “, left the Severomorsk October 15, 2016. A month later, the Russian military leadership reported about the first in the history of combat use of aviation, “Admiral Kuznetsov” – carrier-based fighters are involved in a military operation in Syria. The return of the ships to the base is scheduled for early February 2017, prior to this, they will hold fire in Russian waters.